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This summer we are taking the Freedom Truck to new heights of impact and we need your help! We are thrilled to be partnering with a few different non profits to be offering internships and jobs to those vulnerable to trafficking or who have been affected by trafficking. You may not see a change up front, but behind the scenes we are using the Freedom Truck as a vehicle for opportunity, hope and change.

Why Sponsor a Freedom Truck Event?

When you sponsor a Freedom Truck event you are:

  1. Bringing awareness about human trafficking and purposeful purchasing options to 50-100 people and enable Stories Foundation to increase their awareness efforts after the event is over.
  2. Create behind the scenes job/internship opportunities for those affected by human trafficking or vulnerable to be trafficked.
  3. Support local non profits – your sponsorship means that we get to give more profit away!
  4. And of course, we say thank you on social media as well as at our event with signage!

Who Can Sponsor a Freedom Truck Event?

Anyone! Individuals, families, businesses, small groups, friend groups, couples! Gather together, create a fundraiser and sponsor a Freedom Truck event! Do it for your birthday, do it in honor of a friend, do it because you believe that the dignity and worth of human beings is something worth fighting for!

How Many Events are Available to be Sponsored?

Every event this Food Truck Season is up for Sponsorship! Fill out our Sponsorship Request form to get your date today, if there is a special day or week you would like, we would love to do what we can to work with you!

How Much Does it Cost to Sponsor a Freedom Truck Event?

We have two different sponsorship levels.

Cover the Food at $250

When our food costs are covered we go in ahead and start to make profit faster which means more money to awareness efforts and to non profits.

We will say thank you profusely on social media, your name will be listed on our website and we will recognize you at the event as sponsor.

Full on Impact at $500

Giving at the $500 level means all our expenses for that event are covered and 100% of the proceeds can back into the work of fighting human trafficking locally and abroad.

We will thank you profusely on social media, you will be recognized at our event with a small write up about you/your business/ what you sponsored in honor of and you will get your logo and a write up on our website- our way of saying thank you!

Ready to Sponsor a Freedom Truck Event? Fill out the Form on the page or Click Here!


13+ can join us in the truck, usual time commitment is 2-4 hours, come when you can stay as long as you are able, we train you and we promise a rockin’ good time! To get all the info on upcoming volunteer needs, fill out the form below!

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