We are a 501c3 nonprofit that provides opportunities for community members to fight human trafficking through purposeful purchasing opportunities. You can say that people matter and slavery is not OK with how you spend your dollars when you buy lunch at the Freedom Truck, partner with Storyteller Catering, host a Storyteller Dinner or buy coffee from our online store.

You can be an investor in our Social Enterprises. When you donate to Stories Foundation your dollars cover our monthly expenses so that we can spread awareness and create opportunities for communities to be engaged in the fight against human trafficking.

Become an Investor in Stories Foundation by giving financially today.


We believe that fighting human trafficking is choosing to do what you already do differently. A way that you can join us in the fight against trafficking is by shopping Amazon Smile and choosing Stories Foundation. 


Gather a small group of friends in your home to learn about human trafficking, shop purposefully and be given tangible action steps to how they can fight human trafficking in their communities. Allow Storyteller Catering to take care of the dinner and Steph Page, our Founder, will share a Human Trafficking awareness presentation. We will also bring a fair trade market giving your guests the opportunity to shop with purpose. Contact us today for more information.  


Steph Page, Founder and Executive Director of Stories Foundation, is a sought after communicator. She shares practically and passionately what human trafficking is and how it shows up in our communities. She tangibly explains how we all have a role to play in the fight against human trafficking. Sharing from her own story of learning about human trafficking as a suburban mom and the journey that she has take to bring awareness to this dark issue and empower people like her to be a part of changing the human trafficking story. Request to book her today. 


We invite individuals, families, businesses, small groups, friend groups and couples to sponsor a Freedom Truck event at $300. When our food costs are covered, we make profit faster which means more money goes to awareness efforts and to support nonprofit organizations.

We will say thank you on social media, your name will be listed on our website and we will recognize you at the event as sponsor.

Why Sponsor a Freedom Truck Event?

When you sponsor a Freedom Truck event you are:

  1. Bringing awareness about human trafficking and purposeful purchasing options to 50-100 people and enable us to increase our awareness efforts after the event is over.
  2. Create behind the scenes job/internship opportunities for those affected by human trafficking or vulnerable to be trafficked.
  3. Support local nonprofits – your sponsorship means that we get to give more profit away!
  4. And of course, we say thank you on social media as well as at our event with signage!

Ready to Sponsor a Freedom Truck Event? Fill out the Form on the page or Click Here!