Imagine walking into a cafe where you are welcomed with the aroma of freshly brewed fair trade coffee, and kindness from the people who chose with a purpose to volunteer there. You’ll be encouraged to try one of the many organic, delicious options to eat. You may be there with your children who will be able to play in the mother and children area, or you may be there for a business meeting which will be held in a conference room open to local businesses.

Once you decide which coffee you would like to drink, and sandwich to eat you will hand over money to pay. After paying you will feel encouraged and excited to know that, that same money is going to fight human trafficking, and also raise awareness and educate about the issue. You sit down at a table to enjoy your fair trade, and organic meal and pick up a booklet to learn more about human trafficking. You read about businesses that are fighting it locally and globally, the same businesses that the cafe is giving their proceeds to. As you sip your coffee you learn that human trafficking is a $150 BILLION industry and instead of feeling overwhelmed you feel encouraged because that same money you used to purchase that coffee is money that is going to fighting to end the cycle of that $150 billion industry.

Your experience at the cafe was life changing, and for that reason you choose to come back each workday morning for your usual cup of coffee. Each day money spent on your morning cup goes towards fighting human trafficking.
Sounds incredible, right?

This is our Cafe vision.