Be A Storyteller.

Become a Storyteller by hosting your own Storyteller event! You can do this one of two ways:

  1. Become a trained Storyteller through Stories Foundation and then go into communities and book Storyteller events spreading awareness about human trafficking and our role.
  2. Gather your community and we will bring a Storyteller to you! Awareness is human trafficking prevention.

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Director of Stories Foundation, Stephanie Page shares truth with passion and transparency putting a call out for communities to stand for freedom.

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“A great day – a great conference. Invite Steph to your church! You won’t be disappointed, for sure! Seeing results already.” Darlene Picconatto, Conference Organizer -Discovery Church, St. Cloud

At Stories Foundation we have been raising awareness about human trafficking in Minnesota since 2012. What we have found is that when people hear about human trafficking they want to help solve this problem but two things get in the way.

  1. It is hard to know what to do with such an overwhelming issue.
  2. It is hard to understand how human trafficking has grown into the overwhelming issue that it is.

At Stories Foundation we decided to dig deep and create a solution for these two problems. Our solution is the “Uncovering the Root Causes of Human Trafficking and Sexual Violence” Curriculum. We believe that the only real way to solve this problem is cutting it off at the roots. That starts with education. Education not only about what human trafficking looks like today and what we need to do restoratively, but also why human trafficking has been allowed to grow to the issue it is and how we prevent it in future generations.

The 5 Session Titles Are:

  1. Overview of Human Trafficking
  2. The Root Causes of Sexual Violence and Human Trafficking
  3. Human Trafficking in Relation to Other Social Justice Issues
  4. Changing the Human Trafficking Narrative
  5. What Now? You Can Create Change in the Human Trafficking Story in Your Community

We have a goal to bring this education to the public as series of classes you can take online. More information coming soon.