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The Northside Women’s Space (NWS)

Imagine a room with a large oblong table with anywhere between 5 to 25 women seated around it and a large buffet style meal set up at a table off to the side. This is what the women who attend the Northside Women’s Space (NWS) groups walk into every Tuesday at 12:00pm. The group lasts

Writing in the Sand.

This month we want to help you take your next step by shining a light on what is going on in our city, our community and the people who are committing with their time every day to make a difference. First up, we asked Anna Heruth from Writing in the Sand, a ministry of the

Child Porn, Trafficking & Minnesota

In our last post we challenged you to take one step toward fighting for justice. Since January is human trafficking awareness month we hope to help you see the issues of trafficking in our state, cities and suburbs a little clearer. Below are a list of articles taken from the justice.gov site in November and

Take One Step Today.

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality. Desmond Tutu jus·tice / ˈjəstəs/ noun: justice; plural noun: justices just behavior or


Human Trafficking is bigger than the buying and selling of people for sex. It goes deeper than the images that movies like “Taken” give us. It is complicated, interwoven into the very fabric of our every day lives. Human Trafficking right now is happening in our neighborhoods and schools through boyfriends selling girlfriends, oral sex,

On This Thanksgiving.

Things are rapidly moving forward for Stories Foundation, and in turn Stories Cafe. On November 3, we had our first Informational & Vision Night. We are thankful for the 55 people in attendance who heard about the issues of social justice that surround human trafficking, how we can do more together and the vision of

Introducing: Stories Foundation

For any of you who have dreamed a dream you know that dreams take time to go from vision to completion. This is truth when it comes to Stories Cafe. We have been on a journey and every step of a journey is vital in reaching the final destination, our journey is no different. We are

Recap: S(He) Matters Event

You may have joined us this last Sunday for the S(He) Matters Event. If you weren’t able to make it here is a recap. We were so thankful to welcome Jeremy, and Maegan from Thrive Rescue Home. Thrive is a shelter for children who were trafficked in Pattaya, Thailand. Stories Cafe visited them this past

S(He) Matters Event : Sunday

As many know Stories Cafe spent the beginning of January in Pattaya, Thailand. While there we were exposed to multiple levels of human trafficking. One experience that made the most impact was our work with Thrive Rescue Home. Thrive is a rescue home for children who were victims of human trafficking. They have taken children

When Human Trafficking Awareness Month is Over.

With February coming fast and January closing it’s doors I am reflecting on what human trafficking awareness month meant for me this year. In doing so I find myself remembering back to when I first heard that January is human trafficking awareness month. It was two years ago. I had been learning about human trafficking