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The story behind Stories Foundation: Co-Founder Stephanie shares her journey on “Social Entrepreneur” podcast

Have you heard the whole story behind Stories Foundation? It all started with a Minnesota woman, her mama, and a book. When our co-founder, Stephanie Page, read Passport Through Darkness by Kimberly L. Smith, her eyes were opened to the horrors of human trafficking that were happening in her world, in her city. She thought,

True Cost Movie Review (Join Us Tuesday for a Showing!)

The True Cost (2015) by Andrew Morgan William Shakespeare and Mark Twain are both credited with the expression “Clothes make the man”. Although in both instances, these words were spoken tongue-in-cheek. Maybe we missed their point because for us, much of our status and identity is wrapped up in what we wear. In many ways

Review of “Trafficked” (2017) by Christopher Page

Stories Foundation has been in existence for about 5 years. Over the course of those years, as my wife reads more books and attends more awareness events, she will share many stories that she hears or reads with me. The stories are harrowing and revolting accounts of the incredible lack of humanity with which some

Where We Are Headed.

Where We Are Headed. When we began Stories Cafe back in 2013 we couldn’t have imagined the places we would go. In 2015 when we were approved for 501c3 status we knew God was moving us forward. In 2016 when we raised over $30,000 to start a Food Truck we felt the support of all

My Kids Can be Superheros & It's Important They Know That

There are currently more slaves in the world today than at any other time in history. The number of lives trapped in modern day slavery is around 20 – 30 million world wide. Some are forced into sexual slavery, others are forced to make the clothes you and I wear, and the food we eat. To

Jaci's Fair Project Update!

April update for the Fair Project! This month has been crazy hectic with finals approaching and end of the year projects due, so I haven’t had time to do a lot of shopping. I still have not opened up the bags of clothes under my bed and I’m finding it a lot easier to pick

The Fair Project – MARCH!

This month we are little behind, but don’t worry our faithful fair trade friends are still going strong with their commitment to purchase fair in 2017! Check out what they have to say about their journey in March. From Jaci: “That’s right guys, still embracing this New Years resolution and going strong. I’ve decided only

What is Fair Trade and Why Should I Care?

What is Fair Trade and Why Should I Care? Fair Trade can be an overwhelming topic. With the many different labels and the population at large being unsure and uneducated about labor trafficking and the processes of items being classified as Fair Trade it can be easier to put buying fair trade at the bottom

The Fair Project : Month 2 : Jaci's Journey

It’s February now and this just got real. A quick reminder to those who didn’t see my initial post about this, the fair project is a pledge to make choices with my money that value fair wages and working conditions for all people. So, This year I’m only purchasing clothing from secondhand vendors like thrift

A Message and an Opportunity

We are excited for all the things that 2017 is bringing for Stories Foundation and the fight against injustice in your community. The Freedom Food Truck Grand Opening will be coming to a park near you the end of April, multiple awareness events and opportunities for you to get involved will also come with warmer