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A Heart to Heart on Freedom, Justice and YOU.

At Stories Cafe we have a strong desire to see people living free. We believe that free people, free people and enslaved people, enslave people. Both freedom and slavery are not limited to our physical circumstances and they often start in our hearts and minds. In order to have an impact on the very big

Human Trafficking on the Ships of Lake Superior

The ships along the North Shore resemble history and adventure to many. Recently, after a study done by a student at Universty of Minnesota Duluth, the ships now resemble a dark and scary reality of human trafficking. Christine Stark is a social work student at the U of M Duluth. She completed a study about

The FBI Fights Human Trafficking in the US (FBI.gov)

Human trafficking – the buying, selling, and smuggling of human beings (including children) is understandably a squeamish discussion topic for most. BUT, once you are aware that this dilemma is happening right here in our communities, it is hard to ignore. There seems to be a common misconception that this evil could not touch foot

Child Sex Trafficking Online

Child Sex Trafficking Online Nearly 300,000 children from across the U.S. are trafficked to major metropolitan areas for various kinds of labor, but there are approximately 100,000 children who are being sold and forced into sexual slavery. Because of the ease and popularity of online commercialization, it has become easy to sell and exploit children

Ramsey County Attorney’s Office – Making A Difference

Ramsey County Attorney’s Office “Making A Difference: Ways To Help Prevent Sex Trafficking” from Terry Pounds on Vimeo. Written By: Ali Lintula The Ramsey County Attorney’s Office released this 20-minute hotel/motel training video and in association with the Minnesota Lodging Association use it to combat sex trafficking of children in our state. That’s right, children!

Local Human Trafficking News – Last 6 Months

Human trafficking is a devastating crime. It is happening all around the world, our country, and even our own state. It does not just occur in high crime and high poverty areas but also in suburban cities and neighborhoods too. Just this month there was a man in Brooklyn Park, MN who was convicted of

Statistics of Human Trafficking in Minnesota

You may know that human trafficking is a scary issue around the world. I’m sure when you think of human trafficking you probably picture a third world country with high levels of poverty and crime. You might even know that it is an issue in the United States. Slaves are brought to the USA each

Over the Week: New Law Helps Victims, and Large Sting in South Dakota

Over the past week two stories broke the news in the sex trafficking world. One is a very inspiring and a hopeful story for the women who are being forced to walk the streets in order to sell themselves. The other, a sad and scary truth about child trafficking that hits very close to home.

Brothel Raided!

An Update from Exodus Road… The India Raid that we funded was a huge success! It took place just this morning with the local police. 100+ girls were pulled from the brothel and an estimated 30 have been identified as minors. We’ll have more info. as we move forward and victims are identified, but could you