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The Fair Project : Month 2 : Jenny's Journey

I actually purchased a few items of clothing this month!  I picked up a tie as a gift from TurnStyle a few weeks ago–it was only $7.50 and was as good as new.  Fun tidbit for local friends: the TurnStyle in Coon Rapids is so much more than just clothes!  They’ve got tons of decor,

The Fair Project : Month 2 : Jaci's Journey

It’s February now and this just got real. A quick reminder to those who didn’t see my initial post about this, the fair project is a pledge to make choices with my money that value fair wages and working conditions for all people. So, This year I’m only purchasing clothing from secondhand vendors like thrift

A Message and an Opportunity

We are excited for all the things that 2017 is bringing for Stories Foundation and the fight against injustice in your community. The Freedom Food Truck Grand Opening will be coming to a park near you the end of April, multiple awareness events and opportunities for you to get involved will also come with warmer

The Fair Project // Meet Jenny.

This past weekend, in case you missed it, we launched The Fair Project. A challenge to think before you purchase and pledge to make fair and ethical purchasing choices for a  couple of weeks, a month, 3 months, 6 months or more. Over the course of 2017 we are going to be following Jaci and

The Fair Project

The Fair Project This December we were approached by Jaci and Jenny two college students who were making a pact to purchase fair in 2017. What does it mean to purchase fair? To purchase fair is to pledge to make shopping choices that value fair wages and working conditions for all people. Jenny and Jaci

First Annual Storyline Event

Good afternoon on one of the last beautiful November days! A venue secured, a date chosen and a theme created; the first annual Storyline event was well underway. After much preparation over the past couple months, Stories Foundation hosted a donor appreciation and vision event the first Saturday of November. We thanked major donors for their generosity over


We are looking for partnerships within the community. Whether you own a business, run a church, organize Bible Studies or work with kids, we want to give you an opportunity to fight injustice through sponsorship. What is a Sponsorship? Sponsorship is a group or individual coming alongside us in a one time financial gift for

Volunteer Leadership

Currently we are looking for leaders who are being called to fight injustice on an ongoing basis. The job titles and descriptions are below along with a job application. There is no monetary compensation with these job opportunities. Thank you for your interest and for sharing these opportunities with someone you know who is passionate

One Time Gift

We are on mission to bring people together to fight against injustice. By spreading awareness, partnering with local non profits and giving people in our communities opportunity to make a difference. We need you, will you be on mission with us? Consider donating today, either one time or ongoing.

Life is Short!

  The Stories Superhero 5K is fast approaching and I wanted to take a minute to talk about my inspiration for getting involved with Stories Café. Her name was Patti, and she was my mom, best friend and my very own superhero. She went home to be with Jesus a few years ago, after a