Will You Come Too?

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Some days I want to pretend that my eyes were never opened to the horrors of human trafficking. Some days I wish I could close my doors, my mind, my heart and love my babies, make dinner for my husband, … Continued

Live in Humility

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Humility – to lower view of one’s importance. Not believing you are superior to others. There was a time in my life where I felt I was entitled to more. I grew up in a loving home with married parents, … Continued

Stories Progress…

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This week we met with a lawyer to discuss what Stories the Movement and Stories Cafe will look like legally. At the moment we are a registered Non Profit Corporation with the State of Minnesota and our vision is to … Continued

Brothel Raided!

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An Update from Exodus Road… The India Raid that we funded was a huge success! It took place just this morning with the local police. 100+ girls were pulled from the brothel and an estimated 30 have been identified as minors. … Continued