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My Kids Can be Superheros & It's Important They Know That

There are currently more slaves in the world today than at any other time in history. The number of lives trapped in modern day slavery is around 20 – 30 million world wide. Some are forced into sexual slavery, others are forced to make the clothes you and I wear, and the food we eat. To

Life is Short!

  The Stories Superhero 5K is fast approaching and I wanted to take a minute to talk about my inspiration for getting involved with Stories Café. Her name was Patti, and she was my mom, best friend and my very own superhero. She went home to be with Jesus a few years ago, after a

BE a Superhero!

I have 3 boys, 2 of which are crazy about superheros. Their favorite thing to do is to dress up as Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Mr. Incredible… The list goes on, and on. I watch as they transform from my little boys to characters they admire, and fantasize about being one day when they “grow up”.

Something Must be Done

We read stories about genocide, racial hate, people starving, babies killed, women beaten, and children sold for sex. Then, that God-given sense of justice rises up in us and we think, “Something has to be done!” We watch as teens struggle with their own identity, cyber bullying, hypocrisy of others and themselves as the image


So much we do in our modern world revolves around reducing our own vulnerability to the outside world.  We build homes with security in mind, buy cars with 5-star safety ratings, and require helmets for our children to ride their bikes. There is an inherent knowledge that we as humans require a certain amount of

Imagine a Place…

Imagine walking into a cafe where you are welcomed with the aroma of freshly brewed fair trade coffee, and kindness from the people who chose with a purpose to volunteer there. You’ll be encouraged to try one of the many organic, delicious options to eat. You may be there with your children who will be

Recap: S(He) Matters Event

You may have joined us this last Sunday for the S(He) Matters Event. If you weren’t able to make it here is a recap. We were so thankful to welcome Jeremy, and Maegan from Thrive Rescue Home. Thrive is a shelter for children who were trafficked in Pattaya, Thailand. Stories Cafe visited them this past

S(He) Matters Event : Sunday

As many know Stories Cafe spent the beginning of January in Pattaya, Thailand. While there we were exposed to multiple levels of human trafficking. One experience that made the most impact was our work with Thrive Rescue Home. Thrive is a rescue home for children who were victims of human trafficking. They have taken children

Thailand: Day 5, Meeting Moo

Sitting in the car we were discussing what it will be like. Bar outreach that is. We went at an early time where the girls begin to come to the bars to start work. We went at this time so they aren’t yet drunk and are more likely to visit with us because there are

Thailand: Day 3

We started today out with church. We visited a church that was located in a basement. The service was beautiful, filled with worship and The Word. Many people were there giving their hearts to the Lord and filled with the Holy Spirit. It was wonderful to experience church in a different culture and language. It