We believe every person has a story and every story has value.

We exist to empower communities to end the cycle of human trafficking by starting and supporting social enterprises that raise awareness, offer opportunities for economic independence for survivors and fund the fight against human trafficking.

Stories Foundation was founded by Mother/Daughter duo Sherrill Thurston and Stephanie Page when they read the book Passport Through the Darkness on the way to a wedding of a family friend back in 2012. They are people of faith and their love for God and for people drives them in this work to fight against a culture that promotes and incubates human trafficking and exploitation.

Currently Stories Foundation operates the Freedom Food Truck and Storyteller Catering. In the future we hope to operate a Cafe and sell food products. All with the goal of spreading awareness about human trafficking and empowering people to make a difference through purposeful purchasing as a first step.

Stories was born out of the belief that when people learned about human trafficking and how it affects our communities they would want to do something to fight against it. We create opportunities for people to do just that by empowering them to take the first step through education and purposeful purchasing.

When Sherrill Thurston and her daughter Steph Page read Passport through the Darkness in July of 2012 they knew that they had to do something about the issue of human trafficking. They knew that when others became aware they would feel the same. This is the beginning of our story as an organization, we are honored that you would join our story to yours and choose to make fighting human trafficking a part your next chapter.

Live your story, it matters. Share your story with others, it will make a difference. And when we do this we will see all of our stories change for the better. #LiveShareChange