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About Us

We believe every person has a story and every story has value.

We exist to empower communities to end the cycle of human trafficking by starting and supporting social enterprises that raise awareness, offer opportunities for economic independence for survivors and fund the fight against human trafficking.

Currently Stories Foundation operates the Freedom Food Truck and Storyteller Catering. In the future we hope to operate a Cafe and sell food products. All with the goal of spreading awareness about human trafficking and empowering people to make a difference through purposeful purchasing as a first step.


Our Story

In 2012 our Founders mother/daughter team, Sherrill Thurston and Stephanie Page, were reading “Passport through the Darkness” by Kimberly Smith the Founder of Make Way Partners. Kimberly’s story and the work that she does broke their hearts and they were impressed with the conviction that it wasn’t ok to live in a world where children and women were enslaved and to do nothing. This is where the heart for Stories Foundation started to beat.

January of 2013 around a dining room table a name, Stories Cafe, was decided on with a small group of family members present. Live your story, share your story, change a story. What would the world look like if we lived authentically the story written for us and shared that story with others? That we would see stories change. Not only the stories of the oppressed, but the stories of every day people as they reached out beyond their comfort zones to make a difference.

November 2015 Stories Foundation became a 501c3. Since 2012 we have put on 4 Proclaim Freedom Awareness conference and spoken at countless events on freedom all while working towards the goal of empowering communities to fight injustice though our entities: The Freedom Truck and Stories Cafe.

March 2016 we raised $32,000 to buy and equip a Food Truck. The following summer we had multiple food events and were able to write checks to Beautiful and Loved and Hope4Youth.

June 2017 Freedom Truck is launched! We are our on the road and ready to partner with you in bringing awareness and fighting human trafficking by raising funds for organization fighting human trafficking.

What’s Next? Next is our Micro Grant fund and application process for non profits based on Freedom Truck sales. Along with a partnership with local non profits in job training and direct services with those who are at risk to be trafficked and who have come out of being trafficked. The Cafe is not a lost vision and is coming to a neighborhood near you in the future.