Superhero 5k Family Walk/Run!

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Register to RUN!

You can register as an individual and do a timed 5K or a family and do a run/walk.

Join us by Giving!

Are you busy on August 4th? Are you unable to run or walk but want to be a part of the action anyways? We are raising funds and YOU can join us. Sponsor a runner by donating $25, $50 or $100. Become a Stories Sidekick by partnering financially with us monthly.

Every penny goes right back into creating education materials, creating jobs and job training for survivors and empowering communities to fight injustice through the Freedom Truck. Your donation is multiplied when you give to Stories, it affects change in the human trafficking story in Minnesota.

Give Today!

Gather with US!

YOU are invited to a Superhero PARTY!

When you gather with us on August 4th you will find:

* The Freedom Food Truck

* A Bouncy House + Kids Village!

* Information about local organization fighting injustice every day and how YOU can be involved!

* A community of like minded people coming together to initiate change.

Human trafficking touches your life. It is in our computers, affecting the children in our schools and neighborhoods, hiding in our department stores and found in the grocery aisles. The fact that Human trafficking exists shows that we live in a culture of over sexualization and entitlement. However the force that drives the industry is greed. Human Trafficking, the sale of humans, is a business.

At Stories Foundation we are calling all justice fighters to UNITE. We can say with our dollars that the sale of people isn’t a business we support with our purchases or our silence. We are gathering together to take a stand against human trafficking.

Will you join us? The 3rd annual Superhero 5K is our time to come together as communities against injustice. Come to become more educated. Come to run or walk. Come to know you aren’t alone in fighting for the worth and dignity of humans.

This run is a fundraiser, we are raising funds so that we can :

  1. Educate more people about how human trafficking affects each one of us every day.
  2. Create more jobs and job training opportunities as well as housing for survivors of human trafficking locally.
  3. Take our Cause on Wheels (The Freedom Food Truck) out to raise more funds and be a vehicle of unity among local non profits.

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