My Kids Can be Superheros & It's Important They Know That

There are currently more slaves in the world today than at any other time in history. The number of lives trapped in modern day slavery is around 20 – 30 million world wide. Some are forced into sexual slavery, others are forced to make the clothes you and I wear, and the food we eat. To the majority of us, this is not okay – yet we feel overwhelmed by the undertaking of trying to put an end to the most profitable crime in the world.
That is where Stories Foundation comes in. Stories strives to raise awareness, and educate the community around us. Stories also provides you and I with ways to help fight human trafficking, one of these being the Superhero 5k Family Walk/Run on Friday, June 16th.
At the Superhero 5k families, and communities come together to take a stand against social injustice! Stories Foundation empowers each of us to take a stand together and fight for the lives held in the bondage of modern day slavery. Together we can come together to raise money for current efforts to abolish slavery, and raise awareness.
To me it’s important that I am there, it’s important that my family is there. It is important that my children know that they can walk with us to be REAL life superheros. 
It’s important that my children know to fight for what is right, to have a voice for the voiceless and to stand together with others to create change. My boys love all things superhero. Movies, books, action figures – they love it all. I love that I can tell them they CAN be real life superheros by fighting for what’s right, and loving others. And that they get to do that on June 16th at the Superhero 5k Family Walk/Run.
Register your family of superheros for the 5k here:

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