Something Must be Done

Food Truck ImageWe read stories about genocide, racial hate, people starving, babies killed, women beaten, and children sold for sex. Then, that God-given sense of justice rises up in us and we think, “Something has to be done!
We watch as teens struggle with their own identity, cyber bullying, hypocrisy of others and themselves as the image they create on social media can’t be maintained.  We see them look for purpose or escape through alcohol, or drugs, or cutting, or sex, and we shake our heads in sorrow or frustration think, “This has to end.  Something must be done.”
But the “something” is evasive, and the problems are deep, and the tyranny of the urgent in our own complicated lives leaves us on the shore of wishful thinking.  We feel frustrated at our inability to be part of the solution, so we put our involvement off.  Maybe when I’m older.  Maybe if I were younger. Maybe when my children are grown.  Maybe if I had more money.  Maybe if I had more education.   Maybe….later. 
Later is an indefinite excuse.  Later never arrives.  Later is only changed by one word…”now.”
Now.  What can I do right now to make a difference?  Here is the reality.  It takes a large group of people agreeing to do something to bring about change.  Change happens when we all do our part.  Differences are made when we work together.  You don’t have to do a lot.  You just have to do something.  And that something must be done…now.
This is the thinking behind Stories Foundation.  Stories Foundation has a vision…a vision to support local, national, and international organizations already fighting social injustices by giving them their proceeds.  Stories Foundation is starting a food truck.  Why a food truck?  Because people like them!!  Why not take a popular, trendy venue and turn it into that “something” we all want to see being done?  It’s a cause on wheels.  Not only will it bring awareness to social injustices, but it will send money to organizations doing something about them.    So your cup of coffee or wrap you would have purchased anyway – now helps bring about change.  But the Food Truck will remain in that “later” no-mans-land unless funds are raised to purchase it.  That’s where you and I come in.  Go to  and donate.  It’s even tax deductible!
You are right.  Something must be done. And you and I can do it.  Right now.
Written by: Kay Levesque
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Kay Levesque is a co-founder of Optimize Life, and an awareness advocate for human trafficking and other social injustices.  She is also a public speaker passionate about seeing people live up to their God-given potential.  Kay makes her home in Minneapolis as a devoted wife and mother of three.

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