vulnerabilitySo much we do in our modern world revolves around reducing our own vulnerability to the outside world.  We build homes with security in mind, buy cars with 5-star safety ratings, and require helmets for our children to ride their bikes. There is an inherent knowledge that we as humans require a certain amount of protection to survive in this world.
Recently, I read a Facebook post from Sak Saum (a nonprofit operating in Cambodia) detailing the lack of adequate bathroom and shower facilities in many of the slum communities they are a part of.  The girls in the area wake up every morning and face the indignity and, more importantly, danger of relieving themselves and bathing with little or no privacy.
Can you even imagine how vulnerable a 9-year-old girl would be trying to find a place to bathe in a Cambodian slum?  This is a community where it is common place for parents to be far away working, leaving the children to fend for themselves with no adult supervision.  They are easy targets for traffickers who prey on the weakest and most vulnerable through coercion and abduction.
This is happening RIGHT NOW in the world we live in.  Children, girls the same age as mine, are vulnerable in the worst possible way due to poverty and the need for private hygiene facilities. Lack of things we take for granted everyday contribute to the victimization of children.  Thankfully, organizations such as Sak Saum are working to provide these basic facilities for the communities they serve every day.
However, they cannot do it alone.  That is where Stories Foundation can make a huge difference in the fight against human trafficking.  Through our food truck, and café we can support organizations doing so much good, in our own back yards, and across the world.  Here, in our own communities, we can take a stand against human trafficking.
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