Laying it on the Line.

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photo-1444974697963-d08509b78996We are in the throws of raising money for our Freedom Truck and as I write Facebook posts, plan Twitter campaigns, send emails to countless individuals, churches, businesses and non profits I find in my bleary eyed exhaustion I have been checking my heart, re-examining our “why”. Because, friends, let’s be real. This is hard.
And lest you get the wrong idea that Stories Foundation, Stories Cafe and those who have attached themselves to us are in this for themselves, for their own status, fame or glory I can assure you, we are not. Entering the dark world of human trafficking and fighting against a self-centered world agenda is truly like swimming upstream, with rapids, jagged rocks and no life preserver. I have used the analogy of being stuck on a raft in the middle of the ocean while everyone else seems to be drinking fruity drinks on the beach and wondering how I got where I am as the waves toss me back and forth. No, fighting for justice while promoting a vision of community, love and freedom isn’t easy and it isn’t for self glorification.
So why are we doing it? Why is your Facebook news feed inundated with visions of a green and teal Food Truck logo? Why are we crying out for partnership, for support, for pledges, for team, for partners? Because our heart has been taken captive by the inhumane way humans have deemed appropriate to treat people for the sake of money. Because we believe that if people like you and me, people in our suburban neighborhoods really knew about the horrors under the surface they wouldn’t want to ignore it, they would feel compelled to help. Because once we began to understand that 30 million are enslaved and our culture of secrecy, greed, materialism and perfection are breeding grounds for vulnerabilities that can be exploited, the perfect recipe for the recruitment and sale of people we couldn’t keep silent.
We believe that humans have value. Every human. That we are made in the image of a magnificent God and injustice is what He fights against. I don’t know that I will ever understand why he chose to put his Holy Spirit in humans and gave us the mandate to be him to a broken and needy world, but he did. So here we are. Following his lead. Knowing that big dreams of Food Trucks and preventing trafficking and cafe’s that love a community are impossible without his power and an army of people ready to take faith risks and see change.
So here we are. Laid bare. Exhausted. On our raft. And we are asking those of you on the beach to swim out and join us. Because this isn’t a vision 1, 2, 10 or 20 people can accomplish. This will truly take a community of people ready to swim upstream, against the flow, to fight for a nation, a world, a generation to take a stand that says; people are worth everything. I would lay it all on the line for a single human being.
Because really, someone laid it all on the line for you.
Food Truck ImageStories Foundation is putting it’s vision to wheels and we need you to join us! Think of a mobile Freedom Truck, spreading awareness about human trafficking and giving people tangible ways to make a difference, by changing where they spend their coffee and food dollars all while loving the community well through great coffee and delicious food. Sound Good? Then pledge today and share with a friend!

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