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Run Towards Restoration


Partner with us financially to be a part of prevention and restoration of human trafficking. Join at any level from $100-$5000. Human trafficking at it’s roots exists because there is a lack of value for humans. This is our problem as a whole and it touches each one of us everyday. Choose today to be a part of the solution.

One person can’t change the world by themselves, but together we have immeasurable power. Will you be an advocate for those at risk and coming out of human trafficking? Will you join with us and give us your most powerful asset – your voice? Share about the Run towards Restoration fundraiser through email, social media, by hosting an event at your home or over coffee with your friends. You can even do it the old fashioned way and pick up the phone to make some calls.

Who do you know that has influence? How can your influence push this vital vision forward? Will you connect us? We are looking to get the word out through newspapers, television, media of any kind and through talking to groups of people. Will you network and connect on behalf of the mission of resourcing the rescue and restoration of human trafficking victims?

We invite you to celebrate with us. Celebrate all of us coming together to say that people are important and slavery is not OK. Join us at the 3rd Annual Stories Superhero 5K on August 4, 2018. Create a team. Tell your friends. Run, walk, become educated. Don’t wait – sign up today. (HINT when you give the Run to Restoration fundraiser you get a free ticket along with that).

SINCE 2012 we have been researching, listening and learning about human trafficking. As we learned we committed to spreading awareness; alerting you to how human trafficking and the issues that feed into human trafficking have taken root in our communities.

EVERY DAY WE SET OUT TO empower communities to fight injustice. Through clothing swaps, awareness events, education and the Freedom Truck you have the opportunity to fight against modern day slavery and fight for the worth of people.

THE MORE WE HAVE LEARNED about human trafficking the more we realize that there is real work to be done on both the prevention and restoration side of human trafficking. Those caught in vulnerable situations like homelessness need to know that there is support and options other than trusting people who would use their bodies for financial gain.

WE WANT TO USE BUSINESS to make an impact in the issue of human trafficking. We believe that good food can be a vehicle for change. We know that providing a different opportunity for those coming out of being trafficked or who are vulnerable for being trafficked is prevention and restoration.

STORIES FOUNDATION IS EXCITED TO LAUNCH the Restoration Program. This program will provide jobs for individuals who are at risk for being trafficked and who are coming out of being trafficked. Through the our food service program (Freedom Truck & Catering) as well as a cafe and store we will provide jobs and job training in partnership with organizations like The Link and Cornerstone to those who need another option and  a support system as they pursue it.

Any one of us could be in a situation of vulnerability, taken advantage of, used for someone else’s gain. Let’s be the healthy, safe space for those who are need.


Run towards Restoration with us. We are raising $100,000 leading up to the Stories Superhero 5K on August 4th, 2018. What will we do with $100,000?

  • Acquire a building with a commercial kitchen, small cafe & store space
  • Expand our food program to include catering that happens year round
  • Open a small fair trade store
  • Open Stories Cafe with limited hours
  • Use the kitchen space to provide monthly job trainings in a variety of topics.
  • Hire individuals at risk for and coming out of being trafficked in partnership with The Link.
  • Increased awareness opportunities with increased reach through food programs, cafe and store.

Your Story Matters, and So Does Theirs.

Join the Movement.

In 2015 we became a non profit because a board of 12 people took a stand for freedom. In 2016 we raised $32,000 because a group of 250 people spoke with their dollars and said we can make a difference in the human trafficking story in Minnesota.

It is time to rally again, for our communities, to stand up for the worth of human beings who are being used and manipulated. It is time for us to say they aren’t alone and to give them other options.

We exist to empower you to fight injustice. Will you take advantage of this opportunity to make a difference?



Triathlon ($5,000 2 Available) // Everything in the Marathon + Free Falafels for a Year

Marathon ($2,000 10 Available)  // Everything in the 1/2 Marathon + 2 More tickets to “Falafels for Freedom”

1/2 Marathon ($1,000 20 Available)  // Everything in the 5K + Two Tickets to Fall “Falafels for Freedom” Fundraising Event

5K ($500 20 Available)  // Everything in the 6 Min. Mile + Freedom Mug & $25 Truck Bucks

6 Minute Mile ($200 100 Available)  // Everything in the 100 Meter dash + another Run Admission

100 Meter Dash ($100 200 Available)  // Freedom Shirt + 1 Admission to the Superhero 5K

* We are running our fundraiser through Facebook because 100% of your donations come directly back to the Restoration Program. If you don’t have Facebook you can give through our website here.